Council Maysan: more than 400 housing and infrastructure project stalled because of budgets
Council Maysan: more than 400 housing and infrastructure project stalled because of budgets
{Maysan: Euphrates News} revealed deputy governor of Maysan Gaspe pilgrims, on Monday, the presence of more than 400 residential project and infrastructure parked because of budgets and lack of allocations for the province.
He said the pilgrims told {Euphrates News} Today, that "in the past two years zero , the budget by investment ministries and regional development that the province was completely dependent upon addition to the budget to revive the marshes."

He added , "where the province began to work in significant strategic projects , especially infrastructure and Almjsrat the buildings, hospitals and schools, as we had approximately 400 is intended for the completion of the project, today for a minimum of more than this number of projects , all of which are stalled due to non-arrival of the budgets of the province. "

and called on the government to" speed up the operation of these projects , "noting that" we have many Amani and future projects of interest to the province and private housing projects Today slums has hampered a lot of things to maintain so Nrtoa to complete some of the projects , including a project in 1000 residential units, which reached accomplished {30%} and turned off ratio, and we have 1000 residential house remain far without the services of up to it, as well as five neighborhoods far without structures greet him. "

He called on the federal government" to Atvat to the province , which started from scratch they need to strategic projects, especially housing projects , in addition to activating the power stations stalled. " It is

noteworthy to stop most of the service and construction projects in full due to lack of financial allocations, and while noting that more than 100 the project was voted on within the budget of 2015, according to the Commission on reconstruction in the province of Maysan , the report, maintaining sums projects have been working in and arrived at advanced rates in labor and delivery and appreciates the money Ba much of 700 billion dinars , which benefits companies and Mqaulin.anthy