Alliance leader calls for a restructuring of the State and the victory over terrorism, corruption and sectarianism
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Alliance leader calls for a restructuring of the State and the victory over terrorism, corruption and sectarianism
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} called the National Alliance leader al-Hakim in the Eid al-Adha sermon, on Monday, Iraq's leaders and his characters to make concessions and not the supreme national interest is, adding that "Iraq must be a bridge of communication between the parties are not allowed to turn into an arena of conflict and settling accounts. "
Mr. Ammar al - Hakim said in a speech during the Eid al - Adha sermon held in Eminence office in Baghdad today , "We are proud that we have the people of this strength, rigidity and this good and brave may not appreciate what we have of the qualities we hold your breath in some detail and _itna problems but if we review the challenges faced by the people and our values ​​seriousness and complexity , we will learn is definitely on the quality of the people who are honored to be one of his sons , and serve him all we can of power within the limits of the possibilities available to us. "
he noted that" one of the most valuations of the previous stage is that we are more we are convinced that we are with this people can to work a lot . in the holiday last Adha we were in the heart of the confrontation with terrorism and we are suffering from the migration of young people into the unknown and we were politically in a position many had expected to get a big collapse, but that is all this negative path is the strength of our people and rationality, and today we are winning on terrorism and liberate land and surprised the world in our ability superior to withstand while experiencing stable states, the escalation of terrorism and disintegration, which is not facing what we are facing from the complexities and challenges. "
He added , " today we stand on the threshold of a new phase entitled people young and renewal and departure, and the transition from backwardness, injustice and lack of safety to the state of justice, peace and reconstruction, this phase , which waited Iraq over the past decades , and we believe that the energies of the bully and the forces of renewal have no limits if directed in the right direction and if we and future vision on the basis of, "noting that" the young people and the forces of renewal are the title of the present and hope for the future, they are the arm that holds the defense of the homeland gun illusion builders of the great dream of the state of modern fair Iraqis feel all proudly affiliation. "
the Hddh" the need to be positive grow and enthusiasm in the hearts of our people, especially young people and the forces of renewal of all sections of our people, despair and frustration will not It solves problems and will not exceed the obstacles and will not build a society reconciled with itself , "adding , " we are well aware that there are a lot of negatives and failures and wasted time and resources wasted, but also there are a very large pros compared to the time and the challenges we face. "
" The largest of these positives is this Iraqi young generation who Enlarge away from dictatorship and humiliation and refraction, this generation interactive with the world and continued with him effectively, the generation that learns now to live without a contract and sensitivities calculations tight or ideologies consumer ready, Gil has freedom of choice, rejection, acceptance and express their point of view and his personality away from the fear and anxiety , "stressing that" this is the head of real our money and our wealth inexhaustible and our project for the new Iraq. "
he noted that" the restructuring of one of the Iraqi state of the most important priorities we set in our vision for the next phase, we see the good in the next steps that the government intends to follow in the mechanism of restructuring, which is not confined to one side, but will be in the economic, security and service aspects as the government refers to it, "adding that" this experience could be the start down the path of true self and institutional construction and we hope that this experiment succeed, this responsibility rests with themselves responsible class basis, with the support of political forces and the people to them. "
he said the " political conscious is the one who learns from experience and develop performance does not justify the errors .. recognition virtue mistake indicate human courage and frees his mind from one node ego and narcissism deadly " we have no choice but to rebuild state institutions and society and strengthen the prestige, there is no project without a just state and society valid product morally and materially, and human dignity without success, failure does not build Lansana not immunize society and protects the homeland , "stressing that" the construction of the state and society is the solution and all other solutions would be complementary and supportive and delusional than think that he has a chance if the collapsed state, and the disintegration of society, God forbid. "
he added that" the start of the citizen in the community begins to provide work for him or work without capacity building and the provision of sound economic environment, here is the integration of responsibility comes between the generation of experience and the younger generation, and between the forces of renewal in the state to provide economic environment that allows all the work, creativity and productive forces of society, and that the investment in human priority, construction and economic priority, and the most important pillars of healthy economic structure creating community development sound is security, there is no innovation , no development without a sense of safety and stability. "
he went on, saying , " we have a great responsibility before God and the people and the history of the Iraqi citizen service by building its economy and security of any of us will not be able alone to do the job no matter what , had sincere intentions and therefore we need to unite and work together in order to achieve service and the well - being of our people, " an updated report that" unity is the beginning of our launch and our development and our unity is embarking line toward state - building and human, not unity Palmzaadat convulsions and accounts narrow come. "
However , to say that" this great nation will not forgive the manipulated his feelings and destiny and future .. and will not forgive those who do not give him their best, and will say his speech sooner or later, let us come together for the people and for the dignity and the future of Fajasna our unity though was minimal, and our success in our ability to evaluate the experiences of the past and understand the present challenges and work for the future of patriotism and honor and loyalty. "
he said , " you have succeeded in the biggest test when he triumphed on the civil and sectarian war, and then triumphed on takfiri thought satanic and succeed him stray, and this is truly a victory will be remembered in history, and now we have to win on corruption, backwardness and ignorance , "stressing that" we have to find officials ashamed of failure and corruption !! And Tonnbhm their consciences on every squandering the rights of people and wealth, and we need to administrators do not worry about the integrity and oversight and the media, but shy away from the looks of their children if they have sinned against the people and against the responsibility assigned to them and extended their hands to public money and the privileges unfair "
and stressed that" atonement has broken the spell , thanks to God and thanks to the steadfastness and sacrifices of the heroes of the army, the police and the crowd and folk Peshmerga and tribesmen sons, these high inspirations , which has defied death in order to protect the nation and the world of the plague of terrorism and atonement deviation and misguidance, we've broken terrorism in Baghdad, Diyala, Salahuddin and Anbar belt, broken with all the arrogance of the devil , which they declared , and they had come to crush humanity and kill the man the name of God and Islam , and Islam is innocent of them. "
and he finished" We have won the blood of your brothers slain in Spyker , and the cries of sisters Alaesideat and Turkmanaat Almspaat by ignorance of infidelity and the devil, have triumphed groans of mothers and Srkhathn scorched on their sons and daughters and triumphed tears of children , parents killed treacherously and aggression, and today heads the hordes of heroes fighters to Nineveh ... Mouselna humpback .... where Iraq 's small in all its diversity and Lawynh .. and there where settle head of the snake, so that steps on, handles our heroes holy feet and crush the succession diabolical stray, there are in Nineveh and facilitated will be a new epic of Iraq and there will be shaped Iraq again. "
he continued that" history tells us that the great nations that rose from the ashes and today the new Iraq is trying to rise from the ashes of terror and blood atonement, let us be Iraqis first before you have to be you and I ... we've tried all kinds of band and we saw where it brought us, let 's try a minimum of unity ... and most importantly to unite in the recent hit us on the head of the snake, the terrorism expands because of our squad and our calculations narrow, and swallowed our cities because we did not trust each other and did not give up for each other . " noting've charges of terrorism and atonement of our youth and our wealth and the destruction of our cities, and what he or she can not for the weakness hit us, and shame that we Jelbnah our hands because we are dividing us and we disagree and Taalina on each other. "
the face of the National Alliance leader , his appeal to the leaders of Iraq and his characters saying" on your behalf and on behalf of all loyal to this home draw my appeal to my brothers the leaders of Iraq and his characters, particularly those in the forefront of responsibility and tell them that the future of this country will remain nice prosecuted Zkrakm for 100 years to come if Hfeztamoh or Adatamoh ... that the future of this people waiting for you to think over Wares moment and above the interests of sectarian nationalism and not the national interest is supreme. "
and said" my brothers in the responsibility, this world and experience before you LEARN them, there are no countries flourished row and break the other, and there are no homelands preserved ego and selfishness and statesmen who reminds them of the date and remind them of their own people are the ones who have made ​​mutual concessions and who unfurled dialogue as the only option they who thought victory for the future and not a loss in the present, and today you approach major historical moment .. there is no end to the ambitions and limits to be extended, but it is certain that history will remember who kept the country which is going through the most difficult cases is , and will be the equivalent of respect for the people and the history you and satisfaction God Almighty you. "
He noted that" Daesh infidelity and deviation last breath, and the succession to the demise and Iraq will remain as long as the Tigris and Euphrates, and the blood of our sons honorable liberate Mosul humpback and cleanse our land from the filth, but we have to prepare from now in order to unite in the recent hit us the head of the snake and unite after killing the snake in order not to give the opportunity of other diabolical for the snakes to grow and re - biting this country , "stressing that" our world is changing and our reconstituted borders and interests and political balances that are governed by, and we are Iraq , the heart of the Middle East and the depth of the historical civilization and Islamic. "
and Osttrd saying that "we estimated that Iraq is to be the basis for each map paint ... old and new, and we have to realize that the time has come for there to be a new Middle East . Iraq will not be , God willing and sincerity of his sons and the courage of his youth is the major victim of the new equations ... we all have a responsibility to maintain and strengthen the unity of its people and to be away from any regional conflicts ... we are facing a crucial stage everyone is trying to resolve its files controversial in, and this stage is one of the most dangerous stages years ago .. When things are up to the outskirts of their ends be a stampede at its peak and gain the latest rounds is a concern for all and for Iraqis to realize their interests and maintain their rights and protect their homeland at this sensitive stage. "
he said he" has to be for Iraq to be a bridge of communication between the parties and not be allowed to turn into an arena of conflict and settling accounts and management of regional and international intersections .. . this can only be achieved if the Iraqis unite themselves in one vision and gave home project and build a state on the personal and partisan, sectarian and national projects, will not be riding on our backs if one did not bow to him! And we should not bow only to God and to the interests of the nation and serve the citizens , "hoping that" this feast is another festival passes on Iraq and there are Iraqi occupied land and usurped God willing, and have another holiday passes and there are displaced people and slaves , God willing. "
He concluded by National Alliance leader speech Eid , saying that "Iraq will be victorious against terrorism and we shall clear our land from Conception succession diabolical and will be coming our feasts pure net where we grow to God and we call for the homeland security and well , God willing , " .anthy