A political source reveals to (# News Brief) details draft Iraq containing several counties Division of Nineveh after liberation of ISIS.


A senior political source revealed Monday details of the project who announced his features former Governor of Nineveh atheel Najafi containing dividing Nineveh provinces after the Edit counts of ISIS.

He said in his talk (# News Brief): there are several scenarios propounded by the trimming of the post-ISIS from conservative to split 6-8 provinces of Kurdistan, stressing that this procedure.

The source added that Ethel trimming previously put several conservative leaders split the Union forces but confronted with rejection.

Stressing that the Iraq contend that conservatism should be divided into several separate administrative units.

I got # news brief on conservative split scenario from the point of view of politicians who promote this idea.

And former Governor of Nineveh atheel Najafi about a project that includes conservative split into several provinces after edited ISIS but severe rejection confronted by several political parties, notably the Babylon Chaldean Ryan's movement which rejected the partition projects or occupy it again under the pretext of redistributing administrative units