Seamstresses self electricity and export the surplus to the provinces

2016/9/12 9:32

{Wasit: Euphrates news}

Wasit Governorate Council Chairman Mazin Iraq, about self sufficiency of almhakozh power and issue {1800} Mika Watts of power to the provinces.

He said Iraq's {Euphrates news} today, "Wasit governorate is one of the provinces, first in agriculture and export of electric power to the provinces, where they managed to maintain and after running the new unit which produces Alvin and {500} Mika Watts consumption {700} Mika Watts and only export {1800} mikawat for the rest of the provinces."

"Also the Wasit governorate is one of the provinces border oil and the rule of law, the asthakaktha {50} wekodat border oil and all those credits go to the Ministry of finance.

It is said that the electricity distribution Department in Basra confirmed that new electrical station in the province will reduce the loads on the national network of conservative areas.