Belgium: send 30 soldiers to Iraq to help in the liberation of Mosul

2016/9/12 16:06

[Oan- follow-up]

Belgian Defence Minister Stephen Fandobot announced Monday to send 30 soldiers to help Iraqi forces in their efforts to liberalize Mosul of al Daesh.

He Fandobot told Radio [in RTL] Belgian said about 30 soldiers Belgium Strzlem the Ministry of Defence to the region before the end of this year to provide support and assistance to Iraqi forces in the liberation of Mosul, "pointing out that" the current Belgian troops in Iraq, stationed in the capital, Baghdad. "

He added that "the role of the Belgian soldiers will be limited to providing support to Iraqi forces," stressing that "the task of editing the connector will not only carried out by Iraqi forces."

Belgium joined in September / September last year to the international coalition to fight [Daesh] led by the United States along the lines of France, Denmark and Britain.

The Iraqi government began in May last military Order crowds near Mosul within the plans to regain control before the end of the year.