DHI Council: province lacked infrastructure projects and demands the dissolution of prime contracts.

2016/9/12 12:56

{Qar: Euphrates news}

Chairman stressed Dhi Hamid al-Ghozi on Monday on the need to promote the province to complete infrastructure projects, calling on the Federal Government for "wrapped around the province and give a helping hand after its dissolution, most of the contracts."

Al-Ghozi said in a statement today, {Euphrates news} to "all draft Dhi had stopped and we haven't heard any balance of balancing 2016, today we need to complete the sewer and water projects and tiling that reached to more than {%} of achievement".

"Having electricity and transport-related projects and is parked note that Qar provinces experiencing transmission issue, plus our hospitals stopped delivery of processing 400 hospital beds and other hospitals with bed 100 widows ratios {20%} in addition to the existence of schools under construction.

"We are counting on 347 decision as a solution by the Cabinet to tackle projects reluctant; but we were surprised by the question of security and enter the ministries of finance and oil to ensure contractors without ensuring that these projects are implementing."

"The Government's vision came to all ministerial projects and regional development and the revival of the marshes, especially in the southern provinces of dissolution of a contract and pause and resume and we only have five projects for appeal of 443 and rest and stopped breaking her contract."

He noted that "there is a British loan of $ 10 billion or $ 6 billion IMF and petitioned the Prime Minister to spend one billion dollars to complete projects that most projects have reached more than {%} and today we are waiting for the allocation of that amount to the province."