UNAMI calls on Iraqis to "historic compromise" between communities

2016-09-11 17:52:34 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

It congratulated the United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), Sunday, Iraqis on the occasion of Eid al - Adha, calling on them to engage in a meaningful dialogue leading to the "historic compromise" between the components and sects, while considered that the future of the Iraqi people , "bodes days full of hope."

The head of the mission , Jan Kubis said in a statement that he leads "sincere best wishes to Muslims across Iraq that have Eid al - Adha occasion a joyful and peaceful, and we wish you peace and prosperity in this blessed occasion, do not lose sight of millions of Iraqis who suffer colors of suffering, including living in displacement camps or those who are still languishing under authoritarian rule to organize Daesh terrorist, and not lose sight of the need to do more in order to alleviate their suffering. "

He added Kubis "until the holiday arrives , again while continuing terrorist bombings cowardly attack Iraq and result in many of the innocent victims of the fall , " pointing out that "more Iraqis are fleeing their homes with the military campaign to liberate provide more areas from the control of terrorists Daesh, adding new numbers to the millions of displaced people before, in addition to the many who are suffering from the effects of the security and economic situation. "

He continued that " the future bodes days full of hope, and that the Iraqi government restore areas of the organization Daesh steadily, and emphasizes the power of the state it , " adding , " The Iraqis have demanded a manifestly political and economic reforms, and an end to corruption , which hampers the construction of the state, have shown resilience impressive and showed great strength in the face of evil purposes terrorists aimed to ignite sectarian strife ".

And Abizaid Kubis said : "In order to take advantage of these efforts and the steps it is imperative for Iraqis to engage in a meaningful dialogue leading to a historic compromise between the components and the communities diverse in the country, in a spirit of coexistence, tolerance and cooperation and that would Iraq be transferred to the prospects for the future."

The Eid al - Adha for Muslims comes after two months and ten days of Eid al - Fitr and agrees tenth of the argument after the end of the pause day of Arafah , which is the most important pillars of Hajj.