Iraq's Cabinet will hold a session in Wasit Province 450 billion dinars in debt.

2016-09-11 12:55

Special balance news

Detect Missan mp Mohammed Iraq, Sunday, the Cabinet will hold one of its meetings in Basra, noting that the debts of a province in General reached 450 billion dinars.

He said Iraq/News, "balances the Cabinet intends to hold one of the next meetings in Maysan province", stating that "it came at the request of Conservative MPs being suffering from significant degradation in security aspects, health and agricultural, industrial and service."

He added, "the conservative total debt reached 450 billion dinars," pointing out that "not received so far financial allocations from the federal budget but can".

It is said that the Prime Minister, Haidar Abadi visited on Wednesday (7 September 2016) Maysan governorate, and meetings with local officials in the province, for security and SOA