Iraq participates global energy forum in Algiers end of September

2016/9/11 13:54

[Oan- follow-up]

Iraq participates, represented by Minister Jabbar oil and coffee, the International Energy Forum in Algiers, at the end of this month of September.

He said ministry spokesman Assem Jihad, in a press statement, that "Iraq with any decision reached by the producing countries will contribute to raise oil prices."

He explained that "Iraq, he has a vision to be discussed with the countries of [OPEC] to support oil prices, and would abide by any decision is in favor of higher prices," pointing out that "there are conflicting views of the oil-producing countries of OPEC, of ​​which seeks to reduce the production and others see the need to] increase production. "

The spokesman for the ministry hoped the success of the conference, "he said," We hope that the producing countries reach effective solutions in the Algiers meeting. "

It is scheduled to hold members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries [OPEC] an informal meeting in Algeria on the sidelines of the International Energy Forum to be held between 26 and 28 September and is expected to seek through it to revive a global agreement to stabilize production levels.

The oil-producing countries of the members and non-members of the Organization "OPEC" has not been able in the Doha meeting on April 17 / April, to reach an agreement on a freeze production at January last level, including and because of differences within the organization.

As OPEC members have not been able at its regular meeting, on June 2 / July, in Vienna, to reach an agreement on changing the organization's policy in the field of oil production and installation of the roof of oil production, something that did not surprise anyone.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Iraqi oil told all of Iraq [where], last week, that "Iraq agreed to freeze its production in any agreement that OPEC amount of 4.775 million barrels," noting that "this figure includes all production from Iraq, including the Kurdistan region, and if that happens freeze It is based on this amount. "

He explained, "We currently do not export all of this amount, and will be exporting Iraq's 3.6 million barrels in the next year."