Preacher Karni reveals: Iran was behind an attempt to assassinate me in the Philippines

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Said Saudi preacher, Karni, that "the Philippine investigation proved that Iran is" behind the assassination attempt he suffered during a visit he made to the Philippines in early March / March last. This came in an interview with Saudi preacher, in a video posted on his personal social networking site "Twitter". He added, "Al-Qarni," the Saudi ambassador to the Philippines, Abdullah Al-Busairi, told him that "the Philippine investigation proved that Iran was behind the assassination attempt," following up "means Iran targeting Muslims .. And targeting pilgrims, "in reference to the recent crisis pilgrims between Riyadh and Tehran. It was not possible to get official comment from the Philippine authorities about what was said Qarni, as did a statement issued by the Iranian authorities on the matter itself. Presents "Karni" of an assassination attempt while delivering a religious lecture in the city "Zamboanga" in southern Philippines early last March, was wounded in the arm by the gunshot was targeted by a lecture and exchanged security authorities Philippine fire with the perpetrator and shot dead. Qarni is one of the leading voices in the Arab and Islamic worlds, and watched by 14 million people on his account location "Twitter."