You know ... on the roads covered by the machining in Baghdad during the Eid days

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He announced the official spokesman of the General Directorate of Traffic Brigadier Ammar Waleed, Saturday, for many pieces of public roads in the Karkh and Rusafa within the holiday plan, noting that some of them will be cut and other peak times will be cut off until the end of the feast. Said Walid that "Alqtoat in Rusafa started from day to close Rubaie Street, blocks of concrete," noting that he "will cut the road from Zayouna Bridge towards City Games Zayouna and through Mustansiriya off the highway near the Ministry of Finance after the mid-afternoon peak times during the day of the Feast." He added, that "in the Karkh district will be cut off from the Eagles Square passing through the park Zora up to Damascus intersection (Global station)," explaining that "the intersection of the pioneers toward the Al-Mansur Square closed from today." He pointed out that the intersection of Palm Mall toward the east door of a lump on the back of the damages resulting from the terrorist bombings, "pointing out that" the remaining areas where traffic will be normal. " And between, "The plan will begin working out, starting from tomorrow evening, in most ways," calling on citizens to cooperate with security forces