State of Law: Washington is preparing to divide Iraq

BAGHDAD / Babylon 24 / .. accused the MP for the coalition of state law Firdaus al-Awadi, Sunday, the United States is preparing to divide Iraq through a plan developed and implemented after the defeat al Daesh terrorist.
She said Al-Awadi said in a statement received "eye Iraq News," a copy of it, that "the declaration of Republicans and Democrats in the US Congress, members of their intention to put forward a resolution calling for the establishment of the province in the Nineveh Plain area under the banner of protecting minorities, it marks the start of the application of Joe Biden, the notorious project to split Iraq and weaken it. " She added, "The resolution, which intends to these members issued, including serious paragraph which give the right to anyone who lives in the region to self-determination," noting that "This is intended to encourage the rest of Iraq's communities to independence Bakantonat sectarian and nationalist, to remove Iraq from the map completely." She continued, "This suspicious plan is the ideal fuel for America is wrapped wrapped to ignite a new fire over the brunt of the fire of terrorism, organized Daesh terrorist who invented America and imposed on the region, according to recognized this US presidential candidate Clinton." She warned al-Awadi, the Iraqi and popular political forces "to allow the United States to implement this project," citing the need to "stand strong against these schemes, which are trying to topple Iraq into all national sectarian war eat crops and cattle, God forbid," .anthy 6