Dhi Qar and Samawa, Basra and Maysan is witnessing a high turnout for the signing of the campaign (the corrupt government of Aamthelna)

The provinces of southern Iraq have seen Dhi Qar and Samawa, Basra and Maysan A high turnout to participate in the campaign to collect millions of signatures ( the corrupt government of Aamthelna) , which called her leader Sayyed Muqtada al - Sadr (God Aazza).
The Associate Director of the Office of the Martyr al - Sadr (Jerusalem secret) in southern Iraq , said the campaign was launched on Saturday afternoon September 10 and met with great success and in response to a wide collection of millions of signatures to reject the corrupt government.
We will continue to collect signatures until the end of the month of September and by twenty days in which Iraqis will take part in all the spectrum through the stomach centers for this purpose.