Iraq announces the transfer of the last batch of "MKO" out of the country

BAGHDAD / Foreign Ministry announced, Sunday, for the transfer of the last batch of the elements of the PMOI out of Iraq.
A statement from the ministry spokesman, Ahmad Jamal, Tqlth "Eye of Iraq News," Iraqi Foreign "expresses deep satisfaction at the progress the transfer of the last batch of the residents of Camp Liberty members of the MEK Iran out of Iraq at the request of the Iraqi government." He added, "as culminated in the international efforts that have sought to find solutions to this problem, this achievement is important, after Iraq has fulfilled all its obligations under the Memorandum of Understanding signed between him and the United Nations in 2011 on the resettlement of camp residents in other countries." "It also reflects the Iraqi Foreign Ministry expressed appreciation and gratitude for the efforts and measures taken by the United Nations Organization, and the Government of the United States and a number of private member states of Albania, and international organizations that have contributed to all of the transfer of the residents of the camp successfully, and ending their presence on Iraqi soil." And contributed to the creation Mojahedin Organization of Iran during their presence in Iraq and cooperation with President Saddam Hussein's regime to suppress the Iraqi uprising in 1991 ..anthy