Maliki opened fire on Saudi Arabia must put an end to destructive behavior

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Launched a leader of a coalition of state law and the Iraqi former prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki lashed out at Saudi Arabia, saying that "all terrorist organizations born from the womb of the Wahhabi regime," and that its survival "unpunished means more killing and destruction." The attack comes commenting on statements made by Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir, he said that political Maliki "was the cause of tearing Iraq and the emergence of al Daesh." Maliki said in a press statement, "Not surprisingly, the issuance of statements and positions shaky reflect the weakness of the argument of the Saudi regime who knew his combative sectarian and aggressive against countries in the region symbols." He pointed out that "more or less what Adel al-Jubeir not only an echo of Lies system went deeper his hands with the blood of innocent people in Iraq, Syria and Yemen represents," stressing that "no longer a secret to anyone that all terrorist organizations that threaten the world today were born from the womb of the Wahhabi regime in theory and in practice." He said al-Maliki, in his attack violent on the Saudi leaders, that "Al-Saud is still a system practiced duplicity scandalous in dealing with external relations with neighboring countries. While claiming his keenness to establish strong relations with Iraq and its people grieving, is providing support for terrorist groups that target Iraqis every day with money and weapons and gear, and provides political cover for those groups across media Mnabra wage. " He said al-Maliki, saying, "so you must save what's left of the regional and international security of the world from terrorism, backed by Wahhabi Takfiri thought adopted by Saudi Arabia." Maliki said, "in its territory grew terrorism, which was the legitimacy of them (Saudi Arabia), and with their own money, military and political support for continued destruction of Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain, and with Saudi Arabia free stay unpunished international guardianship means more murder, sabotage and destruction." He concluded his statement by saying al-Maliki, he said that "the continuation of the approach taken by the Saudi regime to stir up trouble with the countries of the region and submit to all forms of support for terrorist groups pose a serious threat to international peace and security and regional and international calls for an end to this destructive behavior."