SEOUL: Pyongyang Snmaha map

The Ministry of Defense in South Korea plan to guide intensive pre - emptive strike against Pyongyang, as quoted by the agency "Yonhap" the South Korean news agency on Sunday September / September 11.
Quoted , "Yonhap , " a military source as saying: "Every area in Pyongyang, especially areas where stationed North Korean leadership will be completely destroyed by ballistic missiles , high - explosive shells, so when the " north "shows signs of the use of nuclear weapons, in other words turn Pyongyang to ashes and erased from the map. "
According to another source, the South Korea may use the missiles from "surface- to -surface missile" with a range of 300 to 1,000 kilometers.
The Pyongyang announced on September 9 / September fifth success of the nuclear test , which I consider the greatest experts in the history of North Korea, which sparked widespread international condemnation.
While Seoul has vowed to take military steps to any provocation from its northern neighbor in.