American intelligence predicted a nuclear bomb explosion in Washington

. According to site " The Daily Beast" story US, citing informed sources, that the CIA was considering the 2003 bombing in a scenario of "Al Qaeda" nuclear bomb in Washington or its suburbs.
The Web site, Saturday, September 10 / September, a former employee of the intelligence as saying that intelligence chiefs were, in late 2003, very worried about the possibility of exposure to nuclear attack, against the backdrop of September 11 , 2001 attacks, Marjaheen that this will lead to blow up the OMS what caused them to claim the British colleagues to take over responsibility for US intelligence activities, in the event of a "catastrophic anything."
The source explained that the National Security Agency , then manager, Michael Haadn, conducted on 24 Dsimbr / December 2003, phone call with David Bieber, head of the British government communications offices, in which he said: "Frankly, we feel here the risk to some extent."
He informed the National Security Agency , Director of the British teammate, during this contact, he authorized representative of the agency in the telecommunications offices to hand over responsibility for the management of US intelligence activities to the British, in the event of incurring Washington 's "catastrophic losses", which means the destruction of the National Security Agency headquarters in Maryland, on the after 32 km from the capital.
The source reported that the head of British intelligence 's response to this question: "Do you guys know something we do not know?"
According to the article that this threat could not have been ignored, and the intelligence is making a desperate effort, searching for nuclear bombs in different parts of the country, including Washington, New York and Los Angeles.
Site and explained that US intelligence fears were related to the Sept. / September 11 , 2001, which claimed the lives of more than 3,000 people, and the adoption of the "Al Qaeda" responsibility.
The terrorists then kidnapped four civilian airliners 0.2 are two of them into the twin towers of the International Trade Center in New York, while the third plane and directed towards the headquarters of the US Department of Defense (Pentagon), and the fourth plane crashed in Pennsylvania.