Pilgrims go to Arafat to perform the greatest corner

With the breeze blew the ninth of Dhu al- Hijjah, atheist th of September 2016, pilgrims began heading to Arafat to perform the greatest corner of the Hajj , which stand in Arafah, having stayed their day in prayer and supplication to God in the day of perfusion in Mina.
Pilgrims spend the day praying and zoom, and perform Zuhr and Asr palace and the crowd at the Namira mosque prayer. When the sun alienate the pilgrims to Muzdalifah to spend the night there and collect pebbles dedicated to the tenth day of the argument, which is where they go to Mina for the stoning ritual and slaughter the sacrificial animal and the performance of the rest of the Hajj.
Hajj security forces looked on standby at all roads leading to Mount Arafat, as civil defense finished all the preparations in anticipation of any emergency, while the increase in the number of medical centers in the vicinity of the place.
And helped train sentiments in the transfer of 75,162 pilgrims to Mount Arafat through 64 escalation trip starting from the first voyages to Arafat 's eight o'clock on Saturday night and until 12 pm from midnight tonight, according to Saudi Press Agency (SPA).
The train was launched from three stations Mona (1, 2 and 3) carrier pilgrims and pilgrims inside the Gulf, Turkey and South Asia over 17 trains each train capacity of 3,500 pilgrims.
According to the Directorate General of Passports in Saudi Arabia that the number of pilgrims coming from outside the country amounted to one million and 323 thousand and 520 pilgrims, most of them arrived by air.
She explained Directorate, that the number of pilgrims coming by air amounted to one million and 245 thousand and 203 pilgrims, through the King Abdul Aziz airports in Jeddah and Prince Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz , Madinah, the pilgrims who arrived in the Kingdom to perform Hajj through land ports has reached the 65 thousand and 594 pilgrims, while arrived by sea 12 thousand and 723 pilgrims.