Direct implementation of the fourth unit in the Basra refinery to produce fuel.

Saturday 10 September 2016-12:57 pm

The oil Ministry announced the fourth module project directly in the Basra refinery fuel production by techno gave you in collaboration with the cadres of the Ministry showed that complete that unit would be the end of next year.

Undersecretary for oil refineries Zia Musawi Marbad radio that the Basra refinery, which contains 3 units of energy are each 70 000 litres where total production after completing unit 4 about 280, 000 liters with few financial allocations n clear obstacle to accelerate the implementation of this project.

Moussaoui said that his Ministry would fill a large part of the Iraqi market needs for fuel if you complete that unit where you will import very little compared to the current period and past reliance on the Basra refinery, which is the largest at present due to not run the Bayji which yielded to destruction and vandalism by ISIS elements during their occupation of the city.