About the attacks of 11 September

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Encounter on Sunday, the anniversary of the September 11 attacks that targeted the World Trade Center towers in the United States. The attacks caused the deaths and wounding of thousands, he said, the audience in the world on that day, the news from there, respectively, as brought the media spotlight on New York City and rescue operations that were taking place in the region. But the media did not only stop at the attack, but the results interesting facts that have successfully collected relay, and began the fourth power after the shock absorber to publish news, related to the incident. According to the data, the attacks have caused the greatest loss of life in the United States among the attacks by foreign groups. It was recorded a loss of $ 100 million for technical panels during the attacks, including one of the paintings by Pablo Picasso that have not been found yet. The loss of New York City came to about $ 30 billion. It is noteworthy that the famous pop singer of the late Michael Jackson was supposed to be in the trade tower at the time of the attacks, but he drowned in sleep and overdue. The lucky or unlucky not the employee who ordered the landing of all US aircraft on September 11, where he was in his first day Balozivh.anthy 29/43 A Time