Applicable: dismissal of the Governor of the Central Bank should be governed by the legal

Haider Ali Jawad - 25/04/2012

MP for the parliamentary bloc citizen Faleh effect that "dismissal is the central bank governor should be governed by law".

And said in effect, told the News} {Euphrates on Wednesday that "the dismissal of central bank governor a very sensitive issue and can not be applied only in necessary cases such as the violation of legal or administrative and financial corruption and this is inevitable."

He added that "the House of Representatives is the only body that can take Aqraralaqalh if there is justification for requiring that after to bring the resolution to the presidency of the Council are then voted on the adoption and ratification of the result in the dismissal of the governor or not."

And pointed to the effect that "the central bank governor is one of the international figures being sober is working to restore confidence in the Iraqi economy and maintain the value of the dinar and power in the Iraqi market."

Between the MP and that "the government seeking to preserve the independent institutions in Iraq because it is the only guarantee for the continuation of the democratic process and enjoy government neutrality and distance from politicization."

It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki called in earlier to switch the central bank governor Sinan Shabibi due to the passage of five years on his term of office