"The Independent" offers apology to the Saudi ambassador in Iraq

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Apologized to the newspaper "The Independent" Saudi ambassador in Iraq, Thamir Sabhan, for publication in the seventh of this month, a news story stating that the terrorist Abdul Salam Sabhan cousin ambassador, and that the Iraqi government asked for removal of the ambassador from his post, because he did not denounce or condemn the incident join his cousin Bdaash and he was killed while fighting in the ranks of the terrorist organization. The British newspaper that she apologize to the Saudi ambassador, and regrets any inconvenience caused by the news, noting that it will make a donation to the United Nations Centre for the fight against terrorism in his name. She explained in her apology she made sure that the terrorist Abdul Salam Sabhan not had any kinship link ambassador or his family, nor is there any member of the family within the ranks of ambassador Daesh or any other terrorist organization. The newspaper "The Independent" reported that so-called "Salam Sabhan" had been killed two weeks ago in battles near Mosul, and it's cousin, the ambassador, but the "Sabhan" was killed in March 2015 in the liberation of the Syrian province of Idlib fighting, and confirmed then his sister through her profile on "Twitter", that her brother was killed in the liberation of the Syrian province of Idlib fighting, in addition to a number of fighters with the "conquest" Army, attached to a set of images shown before and after Mguetlh.anthy 29 / a 43