Baghdad Operations announces the release kidnapped in al-Salam neighborhood and destroy additives for terrorists Btarmah

BAGHDAD - balances News
Baghdad Operations Command announced on Saturday, the liberation of kidnapped and destroy the enemy and additives for processing explosive devices in different areas within conclusively responsibilities. The command said in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, "The strength of the brigade headquarters (22) was able to carry out the duty of inspection in Tarmiyah area north of Baghdad within boycotted, resulting in: the destruction added to the enemy." She added, "while managing the power of the second regiment of Major General (45) Infantry Division (11) of the implementation of the duty in the area or within the star of northern Baghdad, where they were boycotted processing (3) improvised explosive devices." She noted that "the strength of the brigade headquarters (23) Infantry Division (17) was able to implement the duty in Alakhsav area within boycotted the south of Baghdad, and the results were processing (10) improvised explosive devices, and the destruction of (5) additives for the enemy, and opened by a length of 5 kilometers meters, and treatment (3) booby-trapped houses. " She explained that "the strength of the second regiment of Major General (5) federal police managed after intelligence information indicating the existence of a gang kidnapped in al-Salam neighborhood area was raided Walker gang kidnapped and editing." She stressed leadership in its statement that it "arresting wanted men in accordance with the different legal materials through the (24) the last hour in different parts of the capital Baghdad," ./ ended 29 n / 10