Iran attacks Saudi Arabia and calls on the Arab League to abandon its support for Riyadh

Network Iraqi position
It called on the Iranian Foreign Ministry, member states of the Arab League, to abandon support for "non-constructive" for Riyadh, demanding Saudi Arabia to abandon its policy of repression and killing people in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain, and stop its support for terrorist groups in the region. She went on.

He described the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi statement of the ministerial meeting of the Arab League that "expresses intolerance and immature appease the others, it is surprising."
He said that "Iran advises the Arab League to think twice and sincerity of the modern and open her eyes in front of the facts, and biased and fanatical support and even unjust to the leaders and foreign ministers of the Arab League to some members of the university over the past years, will not provide any help to the settlement of the problems and the current crisis between the countries of the region and between these members the University ".
He said Ghasemi, "If this university want honest in helping to establish a peaceful coexistence between countries in the region and will possess serious to find reconciliation and the promotion of good neighborliness in the region, it is necessary to refrain for once at least for providing support is the construction of kindergartens, and that requests from Saudi Arabia in conclusively, to stop the killing and repression of the people in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain, and to stop supporting terrorist groups established in the region, "according to the opinion that.
He warned Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, "that the continuation of the current trends of the Arab League will result in a short period of time to be facing the member states destabilization Riyadh are working in their dissemination."
He noted: "The expectations of people dead and Mejrouha Mona disaster last year lies in uncovering the truth and assume responsibility towards the government in Riyadh this incident and dozens of incidents that occur annually during the Hajj ceremony.