Iraqi authorities conducting forcible expulsion of families suspected of unrelated children Bdaash

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Iraqi officials have said that their country's authorities evicted the families of people suspected of belonging to al Daesh terrorist sons, amid fears that it leads to an outbreak of violence along sectarian lines. The officials added that the relatives of the more than 200 people were forced to leave Dhuluiya, about 70 kilometers north of Baghdad, and Hit, about 130 kilometers to the west, according to The "Reuters". According to the requirement that the police forced the relatives of people suspected of belonging to the organization in late August to leave the 52 homes in the city, having met them through intelligence information and testimony from neighbors officer. Over the past week photographer saw "Reuters" the members of the leadership of Samarra, which holds the security operations in Salahuddin province, where there are DHULUIYA they write on the walls of homes closed "Closed by order of Samarra operations command" and "no place for you among us." Said Sheikh Ibrahim al-Jubouri, one of the elders DHULUIYA: "After the liberation of Dhuluiya, tensions began to appear among the citizens, especially those who have lost their relatives due to Daesh hardline laws. We fear the rift in society. Reprisals against the families of Daesh will lead to more killings only. " Jassim said the mighty head of the security committee of the local council to maintain the majority of the families moved to live with relatives in close quarters while others sneak into the neighboring province of Kirkuk. An official at the Ministry of Displacement and Migration and the Iraqi condemned the forcible evictions, describing it as "unjust", but could not confirm they occur. The official, who declined to be named: "the Iraqi constitution gives the right to freedom of living and housing to every Iraqi citizen." The United Nations has warned that the expulsions She became occur widely endanger the lives of civilians at risk and hamper reconciliation efforts in the country.