Saudi Arabia attack al-Maliki


They accused Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir, today Friday, former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki, sabotaging Iraq organizations and to facilitate the entry of terrorist to his land. by his expression.

And he said-Jubeir during the word dumped her at the centre of political studies in nqrh that " Iraq is an Arab country, and we're against the split, and you need to come back and take his role among the states of the Islamic world again.

He added, "we have called for the Iraqi government to stay away from the communal politics. Follow her. Nouri Al-Maliki and which has caused the destruction of Iraq and the deterioration of the situation, and enter the proscription of terrorist into this country" as his expression.

He added that "there must be coordination between the main ingredients in Iraq from chlordecone and Shia and year, to stand up to these challenges and the elimination of ISIS".

Confirmed the Saudi Foreign Minister, that " the good of his country's relations with turkey, and with the states of the region ", " expressed his desire to change the Iran from its policy, in the middle east ".

The Ministry of foreign affairs of Iraq asked its counterpart Saudi Arabia change its ambassador in Baghdad, Inter Alia, the following statements were considered its interference in the matter of procedure, and he said, spokesman for the ministry of foreign affairs of Iraq Ahmed Gamal the Iraqi request was also based on the statements of their prison. Where others Iraqi assassination attempt on without having to provide any evidence.

But the Saudi Ambassador, make sure it's her son inform several times from the organs of the Iraqi security threats and plans to assassinate him, he added, " note that most of the warnings that come to us, we get more of the same The security organs in the Iraqi government, so it's no excuse for them in that " by his expression