Oil: preparing Fallujah, 82 pelvic and work on rehabilitation of gas stations

2016/9/9 22:54

[Oan- Baghdad]

The Oil Ministry announced, will be processed Falluja in Anbar province, more than 80 Net vehicle within the pelvic re-displaced efforts.

The oil minister said Jabar Luaibi, on Friday, according to a ministry statement, said, "Based on the guidance of Prime Minister equip the city of Fallujah and surrounding areas in Anbar province, with all its fuel needs material of all kinds and to overcome all the difficulties and the arrival of oil derivatives to citizens in coordination with the armed forces and agencies other concerned. "

He added, "The ministry has mobilized workers in the oil companies efforts and the processing of citizens in these areas by 25 pelvic night Aoms up 57 again this morning," stressing that "the continuation of Anbar province, equipped with all types of fuel such as kerosene, gasoline and liquid gas, gas oil, as well as work for rehabilitation facilities and petrol stations that were damaged due to Daesh terrorist gangs. "

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi face, today, ministries, departments and relevant agencies to speed up efforts to provide more and provide all the necessary supplies for the displaced return to Fallujah after its liberation.