Oil: No new agreement with the province and strive to reclaim Kirkuk oilfields of Peshmerga

2016/9/9 22:28

[Oan- Baghdad]

Denied Federal Ministry of Oil, and the existence of any new agreement for export between the ministry and the Kurdistan region.

The ministry said in a statement, "The previous agreement was still in effect where the contents of the financial budgets for the last two years as well as the financial budget for 2017, and what happened to the oil pipeline passing through Turkish territory was vandalized a few months ago, forcing the oil ministry to stop pumping oil from Kirkuk through tube. "

The statement pointed out, that "With the continuation of this stop North Oil Company was forced to re-inject up to one hundred thousand barrels of extracted crude oil per day to the wells again without financial returns and therefore the Ministry of Oil bear operational costs for the North Oil Company."

He pointed out, that "re and export oil pumped through the Turkish port of Ceyhan will provide additional imports cover operating expenses for the North Oil Company, as well as provide a share of the province of Kirkuk from the petro-dollar addition to the imports of the federal budget, all of which stopped due to stop pumping oil."

The Oil Ministry confirmed that it "seeks to restore full control over the management of all the oil fields of Kirkuk, which was administered by the company before entering Daesh terrorist gangs to seize Iraqi territory and the Peshmerga forces on a section of the oil wells in the previous government period."