NEWSTIME WITH BGG & Guest Friday, September 9, 2016
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Thread: NEWSTIME WITH BGG & Guest Friday, September 9, 2016

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    NEWSTIME WITH BGG & Guest Friday, September 9, 2016

    BGG says(6:21 PM):
    News Time at 7:30PM EST...

    "After Call - LIVE" at 8:30pm EST

    dinarstudent says(6:27 PM):
    my first newstime ....

    BGG says(6:28 PM):
    Mine too.


    MadDScout says(6:28 PM):

    dinarstudent says(6:29 PM):
    pop the champagne and bring in the cigars

    magnetlady says(6:30 PM):
    Im here BGG ready to go when you are.

    BGG says(6:30 PM):
    I guess I'm ready...

    you all ready??

    dinarstudent says(6:30 PM):
    i am

    JETSET says(6:30 PM):

    Dinarian1 says to BGG(6:31 PM):
    Just in time... Yes Im Ready!

    BGG says(6:31 PM):
    Mrs BGG would you mind saying a quick prayer to get us started off??

    MrsBGG says(6:31 PM):
    Heavenly Father, we come to You by the Blood of Jesus. Thank You for Your Mercy & Grace & forgiveness! You are worthy to receive all Glory, Honor, and Power. Blessed be the name of God forever and ever. Thank You that wisdom and might are Yours. Thank You Holy Spirit for Your leading and guiding. Have Your way with us Holy Spirit. Thank You for all the answered prayers, we are so grateful We thank You for all those that serve on the site and all the updaters. We pray for Clay's wife for complete healing, we stand on Your Word, By His Stripes we were healed. We pray that You will bless each person here and their families , that You will keep them and cause Your Face to shine on them and give them peace. We love You Lord We trust You Lord In Jesus Name, Amen.

    MrsBGG says(6:33 PM):
    Okay, it's News Time!! Whoo hoo!! You'all know the drill, please use your ?, if you have a question or comment; It makes it easier on the copiers and those following and reading; Thank you for your understanding!!

    BGG says(6:33 PM):
    OK - MadScout... you here??

    MadDScout says(6:33 PM):
    Yes Sir

    BGG says(6:34 PM):
    P.S. for those who haven't figured it out yet - Mad Scout is my guest tonite - and we have a GROUP of very special guests for the call later.

    BGG says(6:34 PM):
    should be good.

    BGG says(6:35 PM):
    There is just so much to talk about these days - what do you see the last day or so that interests you??

    MadDScout says(6:35 PM):

    BGG says(6:35 PM):
    OK - in the mean time...

    here's the IDIOT COMMENT For the day...

    Bruce (Dinar Guru) - We heard yesterday that Iraq’s financial and monetary reforms have been announced by Abadi in Iraq. This is what would serve as the international announcement that their currency is internationally tradable. Their key cards funded, pre paid debit cards can be used anywhere in the world. Some in US received key cards. We knew one individual received with back pay on his key card all the way back to January. We knew he had rate over $5. Since then the rate has gone up higher. We are in situation now we are in the calm before the storm. We know even though we don’t have specific dates and times, we can talk about or know for fact that there has been things said that indicate we are exactly at the right place at the right time…That we are truly, (based on the evidence,) at the end of the ride to receive this blessing very shortly based on evidence even through tonight. I am excited, encouraged.

    I posted this on THE OBSERVER earlier today...

    only so I could add my "BGG Comment.."

    at the bottom...


    MadDScout says(6:37 PM):

    MadDScout says(6:37 PM):
    From Romello: World Bank offers to Iraq to see funding for economic development
    09/09/2016 14:06 pm (Baghdad time)
    Baghdad balances News
    Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister predicted the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said Friday that the World Bank loan does "affordable long-term" for Iraq end of the year 2016.
    Saleh said in an interview during his participation meetings of Iraq with the current in the Jordanian capital Amman International IMF mission, said that "the World Bank mission that involved meetings provided the vision of funding for economic development in Iraq for the soft loan of about three billion dollars paid in stages, low interest and very long-term repayment, "noting that it comes in" the framework of a program for financing development in Iraq. "
    Saleh added that "the World Bank between the activities targeted by the loan, is the support of the **federal budget in line with the economic reform paths and a document of reform launched by the Prime Minister," stressing that "the loan will be spent over three years to coincide with the reformist trends in the activities of government management reform and modernization of payment systems and the social security and the fight against corruption and other things. "
    He stressed that "the loan payout after the completion of understandings with the World Bank on the road map, which is consistent with the paths of economic reforms," expected to "be executed loan to Iraq by the World Bank end of the year 2016". It is noteworthy that Iraq is currently engaged in the first review of the Stand-By Agreement with the IMF mission negotiations in the Jordanian capital, Amman, in order to complete an IMF loan during the current year 2016, ".

    Read More :

    BGG says(6:39 PM):
    HUGE piece from a lot of different angles...

    Zebari may well be there... but Saleh is too...

    Zebari could well be there trying to stay in the conversation is all..

    it is being reported, his dismissal is imminent.

    MadDScout says(6:40 PM):
    I saw him there and questioned

    Have seen that also

    BGG says(6:40 PM):
    I think what will happen to him will happen no matter where he is.

    MadDScout says(6:41 PM):

    Do you want another report?

    BGG says(6:42 PM):
    and I don't think it will cause any "DELAY" - in fact, Iraq adhering to the "reform paper" launched by Abadi and instigated (as in the above article) by the IMF/WB makes it appear as though this corruption clean-up may well speed things up if anything at all..

    I think I want to stay on this one for a bit...

    dinarstudent says(6:43 PM):

    MadDScout says(6:44 PM):
    I think the rest of the ministers may help also

    BGG says(6:44 PM):
    I'll read a couple of excerpts from a 2010 article - an interview with Saleh (the same guy as above) on the "Deleting the Zeros" project.

    (on the call...)

    "...Mohammed Saleh, said that this year will see the start of the process of deleting the zeros , stressing that the bank has completed 50% of the preparations that are working on since 2005..."

    (that was 2010 - probably before Shabibi was ousted)

    MrsBGG says to dinarstudent(6:46 PM):

    dinarstudent says(6:47 PM):
    will this bombing today delay us

    Pablo says(6:47 PM):

    BGG says to dinarstudent(6:47 PM):
    Highly doubt it.

    MrsBGG says to Pablo(6:47 PM):

    Pablo says(6:47 PM):
    How much more to this Mosul operation is left to go?

    dinarstudent says(6:47 PM):
    ok thank you .

    BGG says to Pablo(6:48 PM):
    mostly the politics. ISIS has been planning to leave for some time.

    Pablo says(6:48 PM):
    A lot of them have already left.

    BGG says to Pablo(6:50 PM):
    Yes they have.

    dinarstudent says(6:51 PM):

    MrsBGG says to dinarstudent(6:51 PM):

    BGG says(6:52 PM):
    Getting a piece of News - BRB

    david334 says to MrsBGG(6:52 PM):
    dinarstudent says(6:52 PM):
    does mosul have to be free of isis before a change in value ??({)

    BGG says(6:52 PM):
    Doesn't have to...

    but at the very core of all of this is world support of Iraq.

    dinarstudent says(6:53 PM):
    ok thank yo

    BGG says(6:53 PM):
    They IMF, WB and UN all want to support Iraq (and recognize whatever value they eventually apply to the IQD).

    but it appears they have given Abadi some very direct guidelines and "advice" on how to proceed. There is no doubt this included them putting their squabbles aside and moving on ISIS.

    MrsBGG says to david334(6:55 PM):

    david334 says to MrsBGG(6:55 PM):
    Today the mkts got hammered if this gathers steam does that make the revalue more difficult. It seems that they would want smooth seas

    MadDScout says(6:55 PM):
    Barzani: the attack on Mosul plans in place, and may begin next month [Extended]

    2016/9/9 20:40

    [Oan- follow-up]

    President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, said, on Friday, the military plans to restore Mosul of al Daesh, ready and that will probably restore the city before the end of the year 2016.

    Barzani said in a television interview with [France 24], that the army and Kurdish Peshmerga forces will implement the attack with the support of the coalition led by the United States but not yet the role of the armed factions, pro-government determined.

    He added without elaborating: "There were multiple meetings between the leaders of the Peshmerga and the Iraqi army leaders finally agreed on a military plan and the role of each party."

    Barzani pointed to, that the timing of the attack on Mosul, which lies 360 kilometers north of Baghdad, has not yet been determined although Iraqi leaders said the attack could begin by late October at the earliest.

    Since then, the peshmerga forces entrenched on the eastern and northern outskirts of the city while the Iraqi forces made retrained to Qayyarah, 60 km south of Mosul last month.

    Barzani said he has not yet been given the role of the popular crowd and national crowd] led by the governor of Nineveh article Liberation of Iraq accused the fall of Mosul, which has pledged to participate in the attack.

    "The popular crowd or national crowd, the subject of this there must be an understanding between these forces and the inhabitants of Mosul area, which currently does not exist, yet it does not exist, but it is necessary to find an understanding and agree on the role of each party."

    Asked whether the possible restoration of the city before the end of 2016 the region's president, "said possible but as I must prepare for the post of Mosul."

    And "for us is very important that there should be a definite guarantees so that this tragedy will not be repeated in the future, we must agree with Baghdad and with the people of the region as well, how to ensure non-recurrence of what happened?".

    Read More :

    MadDScout says(6:55 PM):

    Pablo says(6:56 PM):

    MadDScout says(6:56 PM):
    Go ahead

    Pablo says(6:56 PM):
    Am I right in remembering that Iraq can't get any more loan money until they finish their economic reforms, includng the RV?

    BGG says to david334(6:56 PM):
    I wouldn't worry - the markets are Waaaaaay up - remember the market jibberish over the Brexit?

    MadDScout says to Pablo(6:56 PM):
    They are not getting any new loans

    Pablo says(6:57 PM):
    No? I thought they were supposed to get two more before Jan?

    MadDScout says to Pablo(6:57 PM):
    they are working on finalizing the ones they already have promise on

    Pablo says(6:57 PM):

    MadDScout says to Pablo(6:57 PM):
    Yes the next 2 installments are before end 2016

    DIGIman1 says(6:57 PM):

    MadDScout says to DIGIman1(6:58 PM):

    BGG says to MadDScout(6:58 PM):
    Isn't the Amman thing a review on how they are doing - complaince wise regarding the next installments of the first loan.??

    DIGIman1 says(6:58 PM):
    Whats your feeling on the parliament's progress? it seems their priorities are a little off sometimes...
    another big break until the 20th now?

    MadDScout says to BGG(6:58 PM):
    Yes but have already given the dates of the next installments

    2 before end 2016

    Elane says(6:59 PM):

    MrsBGG says to Elane(6:59 PM):

    Elane says(6:59 PM):
    sorry for butting in.. can you recall the dates of those installments? if not no worries!

    david334 says to MrsBGG(6:59 PM):

    MadDScout says to DIGIman1(7:00 PM):
    Not sure of the question?

    BGG says to DIGIman1(7:00 PM):
    They are doing fine... SLC is all twisted over the Amnesty bill - but that is to be expected, it's going to happen. Lots of Sunnis in jail... nearing a human rights debacle.

    david334 says to MrsBGG(7:00 PM):
    Whats up with barzanni pushing for full independence

    BGG says to david334(7:01 PM):
    Rhetoric... all talk.

    DIGIman1 says to BGG(7:01 PM):
    thank you

    BGG says to david334(7:01 PM):
    they don't have the money.

    MadDScout says to Elane(7:01 PM):
    I don't have them in front of me but I want to say oct and dec

    david334 says to BGG(7:01 PM):

    Elane says to MadDScout(7:01 PM):
    Thanks so much

    larrykn says(7:01 PM):

    MadDScout says to Elane(7:01 PM):

    MrsBGG says to larrykn(7:01 PM):

    larrykn says to MadDScout(7:02 PM):
    do you think they will give those loans without iraq completing what the IMF needs done

    MadDScout says to larrykn(7:02 PM):
    No Sir

    flint says(7:02 PM):

    larrykn says to MadDScout(7:02 PM):
    a full reform

    MrsBGG says to flint(7:02 PM):

    MadDScout says to larrykn(7:03 PM):
    Iraq and the IMF know what they are working on and according to reports all is "on schedule"

    flint says(7:03 PM):
    so what's up with France coming out in support of Kurd independence?

    larrykn says to MadDScout(7:03 PM):
    I agree thats why I'm feeling good about things

    MadDScout says to larrykn(7:03 PM):

    dinarstudent says(7:03 PM):

    BGG says to flint(7:04 PM):
    Who cares - they still don't have the money.

    MadDScout says to flint(7:04 PM):
    There are many countries supporting Kurdish independence

    BGG says to flint(7:04 PM):
    they can want it til' the cows come home - they have to pay for it...

    Elane says(7:04 PM):

    nevermind it was JUST answered

    david334 says to BGG(7:05 PM):

    BGG says to flint(7:05 PM):
    most of the support is just "happy rhetoric"... and it keeps the thug Shias in Baghdad on their heels

    dinarstudent says(7:05 PM):

    MrsBGG says to dinarstudent(7:05 PM):

    dinarstudent says(7:06 PM):
    i am confuse why is oct 1 so important for this ?

    david334 says to MrsBGG(7:06 PM):
    Yes how are the CBIs FX currency reserves doing?

    BGG says(7:06 PM):
    Hey gang - we're going to shut this down in about 10 min. - gotta' get ready for the call

    get your ??'s out now

    MadDScout says to dinarstudent(7:07 PM):
    Who mentioned it?

    BGG says(7:07 PM):
    load it up!!

    BGG says to dinarstudent(7:07 PM):
    It's not - particularly.

    MrsBGG says(7:07 PM):
    “Dinar Info – TONITE!!”
    Friday – “After Call” – w/BGG
    & “Special Guests” – 8:30pm EST
    641-715-3640 pin#528733

    BGG says to dinarstudent(7:07 PM):
    all good though.

    seadreamer says(7:08 PM):
    For Mr White.You mentioned the only way to lower the prices of goods in Iraq is to increase the value of the dinar outside of Iraq.Would you explain the process and how that works?

    BGG says to seadreamer(7:08 PM):
    Whoa - whoa - whoa

    he's not here tonite

    seadreamer says(7:08 PM):
    R Cookie?

    BGG says to seadreamer(7:08 PM):

    DIGIman1 says to seadreamer(7:08 PM):
    check out the last call they did....all that is in there

    BGG says to seadreamer(7:09 PM):
    this is BGG and MadScout nite

    seadreamer says(7:09 PM):

    dinarstudent says(7:09 PM):
    is this call recorded .

    BGG says to seadreamer(7:09 PM):
    That is true - hit THE BLOG...

    there is a call banner on the right side. Click it.

    from the 7th...

    seadreamer says(7:10 PM):
    thanks BGG

    BGG says(7:10 PM):
    5 min warning..

    here it is.

    david334 says to MrsBGG(7:10 PM):

    MrsBGG says to david334(7:11 PM):
    okay sounds good!

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