Deputy calls for "historical error correction" legislation of general amnesty law
By aq -September 9, 2016

Treasures Media / Baghdad
MP has called for a coalition of state law Firdaus al-Awadi, the House of Representatives to "correct the historical mistake enactment of the amnesty law, supported any effort leading to the amendment of the law."

She said Al-Awadi said in a statement today, "Treasures Media" received a copy of it: "that the House members who voted on the law will not forgive the people and history on the big mistake enactment of such a law leads to the release of criminals and terrorists whose hands are stained with the blood of Iraqis."

She added: "The legal and even parliamentarians differ in the interpretation or the interpretation of many paragraphs mined, there are those who delude the Iraqi people to try this law is perfect, and there are legal irrefutable evidence confirms that it **will lead to reward the terrorists."

She explained Awadi: "Iraq is fighting a great battle against the governing Daesh terror and the forces of evil represented by some Gulf and regional countries and the support of US, and it is reasonable to making large stocks of terrorism through this law as a substitute for those who ruled them our security forces and the crowd folk hero."

He continued: "Despite the great frustration of the Iraqi people through this law, but the opportunity is still favorable correct the error, that is a vote of no activation of this law only after the completion of the amendment, because the issue is not related to the ordinary law, but the law affects the lives and the future country. "