Energy committee in Wasit: the development of training and professional development department Kut Gas Plant

09/09/2016 19:52

Long-Presse / Wasit

Announced that the Energy Committee in the House of Wasit, Friday, for the public company agreed to fill the gas introduction section for professional development and training in Kut gas plant, and as pointed out the importance of developing the skills of workers and raise their competence professionally and technically, the possibility of benefiting from the department in the development of the technical staff of similar labs in the governorate confirmed

The Chairman of the Committee hope Ugaili in an interview (range Press), "The General Company for filling gas represented by its General Manager Ali slave have agreed to created Department for Training and Development in Kut gas mobilize one of the company's labs lab."

She Ugaili, that "the aim of the section is the training and development of the technical staff in the lab and upgradation professionally and technically in all process areas, especially workers of them," indicating that "the new section will be according to the latest educational and training methods and will provide all the equipment and accessories training that enables workers to gain different skills with a high level of craftsmanship. "

She Ugaili, that "in the case has been initiated in this section, it will also provide an opportunity to train technical personnel in laboratories and similar projects in the province according to scientific Osss correct."

The Wasit province, home to many of the private labs to mobilize that goes back to the private sector with the Wasit plant, due to filling the gas company with no other laboratory specialist manufactures liquid filling the gas cylinders is the only one of its kind in the country.