Abadi directed by providing all the necessary supplies to return to Fallujah.

45 minutes ago


In Prime Minister Haider Abadi ministries and departments and relevant agencies to accelerate further efforts and provide all the necessary supplies to return to Fallujah after editing.

Redirect Abadi came after the visit of the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Mehdi relationship and Mrs Liz as Randy is responsible for international stability support group asked the Prime Minister and holding meetings there with Governor station of Fallujah-based and a number of members of the provincial Council and eliminate the presence of security leaders in addition to visiting a number of projects.

And move the relationship guidance Abadi need secure Fallujah return requirements and determined to secure supplies with all financial difficulties facing our country.

And reconstruction ministries and municipalities to send further mechanisms and wheels to complete the processes of debris and clean up the streets as soon as the time in addition to continuing their electricity Ministry cadres to restore electricity with the return of displaced families.

As for the alazerkih water project which provides the needs of the city of pure water, the Group would adopt stability and begin soon and there are procedures to start pumping water through other solutions with returning families.

The United Nations will also beginning next week betahil 12 schools as well as the effort of the Ministry of education betahil a number of other schools and the rehabilitation of the iron bridge along with other projects in the areas of education, health and water and cleaning.