Frankincense: huge numbers of administrators increase operational burden on the budget

2016/9/9 14:17

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} independent Deputy Parliamentary leader criticized honest frankincense huge numbers of cars, the officials said, adding that those numbers increase operational burden on the budget.

He said in a statement, received frankincense {Euphrates news} copy of it today, "huge numbers of officials raised the indignation of Iraqi Street must stop fighting and to hold the perpetrators."

He stressed "the need to comply with official number of custom wheels from the State to perform its functions, no override set up to weaken the law," custom this "havoc and to exploit apparent location in the State."

He continued the gum "as large numbers of cars to increase operational burden are officials in the budget, the fact that these wheels need to customize daily fuel and additional drivers, guards and their payroll allocation from the State, which makes it doubly source phenomenon of wasting public money and corruption".

Laban invited to address this phenomenon and take decisively and resolutely, to arouse indignation ".