Deputy Japanese Ambassador demanding Abadi open a Consulate in Basra.

2016-09-09 12:06 p.m

Baghdad scales news

A student member of the Parliamentary Committee on oil and energy Zaher Abadi, Japan opened a Consulate in Basra, revealing the intention of the Japanese Ambassador visiting the province to pursue productive projects based on which has been borrowing from the Japanese Government in the coming period.

Attorney said in a statement issued after a meeting with Japanese Ambassador Abadi resident in Baghdad and got it/news/balances, he discussed several issues with two of them serving Japanese loans to support the industrial sector notably Al Hartha station fertilizer support loan thermal ", stating that" these loans contributed to the revitalization of the industrial sector in various areas to support Iraqi economy. "

Abadi said, Japanese Ambassador "was asked to open a Consulate in the preservation and revitalization of community relations between peoples and to send request for Tokyo to consider objects and special support for civil society organizations and the scientific and cultural frontiers through collaboration with Iraqi universities particularly Basra University, noting the importance of fellowship missions to Japan to exchange scientific expertise.

Abbadi noted that "there are Japanese Ambassador's visit to Basra to follow productive projects based on which has been borrowing from the Japanese Government and the success of these projects especially Al Hartha station and fertilizer plant and other projects in the port sector-backed loan," pointing out that "this visit underlines Japan's support of Iraqi industry and in particular chemical fertilizer plant that tried to shut it off political contacts with illogical reasons but he keeps producing all national circumstances."