Syrian regime progresses south of Aleppo and the opposition are trying to survive

Roudao - Erbil
Syrian regime forces provided in the neighborhood Ramouseh south of Aleppo continued air support Rusegrd text, as the raids resulted in casualties provinces of Aleppo and Idlib and Damascus and other mounted, while opposition sources confirmed the deaths of many of the elements of the system and militias in various battles.
For its part, the front opening Sham said it repelled more than an attempt to regime forces and militias that seek to control the missile battalion Balramosh.
In the meantime, Nur al-Din Al-Zanki movement of the opposition said it killed several Hezbollah members of the Lebanese in the battles Brive Aleppo south, and broadcast video footage showing what it said was targeting a gathering of Hezbollah, a guided missile, also led to the destruction of military vehicles.
Damascus also saw raids in the monastery Khbayh camp Khan wormwood and Zabadani, while clashes took place between the opposition and regime forces on the two fronts of Muhammadiyah Tel flint, killing and wounding a number of elements of the system, according to Cham network.