Lebanese newspaper headlines on Friday

Of Lebanon 's leading newspaper headlines on Friday 09/09/2016
Berri: December 1 articular .. Siniora: congestion is also an Islamic
Session «Pharaonic» to the government: goalless draw ..
The news
Ein «Atlantic» on the borders of Aleppo
Berri: Hariri will not go into battles
How the government saved as a "water faces"
Lineups situational session did not violate the outlawed
the future
Rabieh trying thrown Bkirki in the conflict .. and prepares the popular crowd at October 13
Government steadfast .. Republic is at stake

Aoun asked Nasrallah solidarity and Hezbollah connection Palmrdh .. and «chartered items Peace» blast away
Kerry meets Lavrov in Geneva after stalling ... and the US raid to kill the leaders of the victory
Russian and Syrian ambassadors: the achievements of the field and political settlement packages Arjuhan
Hezbollah seize the initiative in restoring the situation to the government quorum understandings
Government in a coma ... I do not suspended nor absolute
Warning of pushing the site 's army chief in the political bazaar