Observatory: Abadi abuse protections for journalists Maysan

Twilight News Iraqi Observatory press freedoms / said on Friday that the protections of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi abused the journalists of Maysan, noting that al-Abadi guards detained journalists in one place and then asked them to leave.
He expressed the observatory, in a statement reported for Twilight News, surprised at the "silence of the Prime Minister, at the repeated abuses against journalists when his visits to some Iraqi provinces, most recently during his visit to the province of Maysan on Wednesday," and urged Abadi "to educate, protect and set the characters of specialists to deal with journalists to limit of these abuses. " And the transfer of the Observatory for the journalist and activist Alaa Abbahaoa saying, "The excesses verbally inappropriate issued to protect the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi told reporters right in the Maysan province, led to their withdrawal from the place of visit." Reporter Samarra satellite channel in Maysan Samer punitive, he said, "was an invitation to journalists from the Information Office of Maysan province to cover the visit of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to maintain, but they did not specify their arrival watch, forcing journalists to stay in the province, building a long and dull time." . He punitive, "After several hours of waiting in the building, waiting for the arrival of the Prime Minister has been reserved media and journalists in one of the rooms were closed the door by one of the members of the Guard Abadi, and when we try to get out got altercation led to waive all the media until I got to pay the Euphrates channel reporter and pull imaging equipment, then one of them told us that the Prime Minister will not make remarks about his visit to the province of Maysan and you get out of the building. " According to the observatory, linked to the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, that the elements of the protection Abadi used, when a visit to the province of Najaf, in late June, humiliating discourse against 150 journalists and a reporter and a photographer and editor were covering the activities of the Conference in the city. He explained that they "were prevented from entering the Palace of Culture in the province, which was home to the activities of the transfer of powers to the provinces of the country's ministries and headed by Ebadi Conference, preventing journalists from entering the hall and kept in the open, and many of them were fasting." He said the observatory, that "the semi-official Al-Iraqiya were excluded from it and allowed her team media coverage, while dozens of reporters and journalists remained in the open at seven in the evening before iftar until ten thirty at night, where some of the sandwiches were distributed to journalists a humiliating way and deprived of potable water drinking, particularly since the conference was held in a remote place from the city center and there is no adequate health services and Amehal for the sale of food and water. "