Post. Scales: Baghdad's fall and the defeat of the trees ...!

Writes: Falah Torch
Fall is knocking the streets of Baghdad and was still breathing Qadha and the remnants of the flames of Iraqis do not know the dates of the replacement of the seasons, the trees Taathe to disarm their leaves after the summer fires have not softened nature only in our country ..! And it brings us "September" to meditate on the horizon homeland catch Balabab political and infertility making hopes liken the branches stiff ..! Yes, that date of defeats for orchards and rivers and joy, and breathed the remaining of the winds of toxins and dust, which mixes with the paper falling into our streets and transmits yellow color. Is the taste is gone gardens and the remaining of the cold breezes Hazeea late summer, bushes and DisplayLink Alraezki lose memory and memorable dates with Sprouting and waiting for the new perfume lovers ..? Grief Iraqi renewed became prints all seasons the features of one does not change, there is no season for joy, but Amoaaid for the coming of the rain, nothing but more sorrow happen and the growing count of the dead logs, a one-day long repeated lumbering under the weight of memories and nostalgia for the time of trying to Tstdrjh Bziavtk for a day or for hours, you will find yourself dialogue illusion ..! In September poets Athaan defeats a new self-esteem first, and ruined the homelands, screaming Mahmoud Darwish; {new Sea to September, Chriva approaching doors, sea anthem bitter}. On the other side was love flooding when the rain sheet great feelings of Nizar Qabbani, which weaves the old hymns term to September, embracing the sky, and produce another language; "If you came in September Aahabibta I ask for your eyes every cloud If my love for you Belted rain GMT. " In modern Arab conscience, September was the headline of mourning Wilkeny b (Black September), a metaphor for the contention banners black obituary for Martyrs when there was hope in the country and the issue has become for all of us (in September) hanging on the walls of his heart inebriated memories of its existence ..!