The five-year leave. A "legal" others "patching" will increase unemployment.

Thursday 8 September 2016 14:24

Alsumaria News / Baghdad

Every now and then the government out new decisions in an effort to reduce expenses in light of a financial crisis that has been described as "the most violent" in the world in general and Iraq in particular, the last on oil for adoption mainly in imports, with some describing these decisions as "urgent and prosthesis", by others as a "legal and it is contrary to the Constitution, "while others found her conduct to" take the pulse "of the street in order to initiate other resolutions.

Talking about the new resolution, the Cabinet plans to pull it out, eliminates the "granting of the license to five years for employees with a salary My Name", was preceded by an earlier talk of a decision to cancel the ration card and which met with rejection by the street, like a vehicle's decision in accordance with the doubles and singles regime who died after to revive it two days later.

He announced the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Tuesday the sixth of September the present, to discuss the Cabinet a draft resolution to grant employees a five-year paid leave my name is fully counted for the purposes of retirement, also noted that he had proposed to grant staff in decades, a sum of money and allowing them to establish their own projects.

Warnings of high unemployment due to the decision "ill-advised" described by others as "constitutional"

Decision to grant a license to five years for employees of state institutions, was the subject of debate between members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, amid warnings by some of the high rates of unemployment, while described by others as a decision "Trqiei", defended him Other lawmakers by saying that the decision "unconstitutional does not violate the law ".

He says the parliamentary finance committee member Husam punitive, "The decision that has been discussed in the Council of Ministers about the staff does not work, stressing that it" will not improve the standard of living and economic Iraq level and is not economically feasible, "and added that" as such decisions are prosthesis attempts to address the situation in the country ".

He adds punitive for Alsumaria News, "The decision is a step is calculated accurately, stressing the need" to find jobs for the unemployed and tackling unemployment and not lay off staff and give them a nominal salary. "

Decision "ill-advised"

Member of the Finance Committee in the Parliament MP Haitham al-Jubouri, described the decision as "ill-considered", stressing that "there can be studied as such decisions only in material terms, but there must be a study in social terms and the extent of its impacts on the country's situation."

He said al-Jubouri's speech Alsumaria News, saying that "Iraq's three million or more of the unemployed, so the Hola will think things over, and disbursements will grow, and become consumers rather than citizens to be productive."

Sees Jubouri that "the decision can not move the economic wheel of the country," pointing to "the destruction of the private sector, including businessmen Patriots, who are between the prison and the hospital and between a fugitive from people to delay their dues for more than four years," as he put it.

Constitutional "does not violate the law."

Member of the Legal Committee in the Parliament full Zaidi, declares chatter deduced from above, says that "the proposed five-year leave to employees free of any violation of the law", adding that "this measure temporary, not permanent."

Zaidi's say Alsumaria News, "The Council of Ministers issued some of them decisions based on the law and not based on other," noting that "the subject of giving vacations or other is the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister, which comes to avoiding financial situation."

He adds Zaidi, "There are no forms or illegality in the subject of giving leave to employees for five years in exchange for giving them their pay nominal," pointing out that "the government when they have a crisis taken a number of decisions which are temporary ultimately not durable, and fit with the crisis in".

Zaidi points out that "there are staff asking for leave without pay, and now talk about the vacation for a period of five years and a nominal salary."

Warnings of social problems of the people are not able

Economist Majid picture shows that the decision "came for austerity in operating expenses and reduce the inflation that exists in government circles," warning at the same time, "social problems because people who are not will be able to play an active role in economic activity."

Suri adds to Alsumaria News, "The decision could ease the burden on the government, but in general will not solve the problems faced by Iraq of the economic development and economic problems."

With a little optimism says Suri, he said that "there are broad prospects for the economy moving and the program on the launch of six trillion dinars to the theme of economic sectors development," likely that "an employee of that benefit, if there is more serious in the Iraqi economic stroll away from the red tape and cumbersome procedures."

Staff talking about the "cons" and "positives" decision

Hiam Rashid Khudair, an employee at the Ministry of Labour proposes cross Alsumaria News, "shorten the duration of the license from five to at least two years, to evaluate the success or the resolution failed," arguing that "granting the license must be to contribute to the well-being of the employee, including reflect positively on development economic conditions in the country do not have to increase unemployment. "

It is regarded as an employee in the Ministry of Commerce Mohammad Abdul-Zahra Hassoun, the decision a "positive" being "will alleviate some humanitarian cases, especially for women who they could care for their children."

Hassoun stresses through his speech to the Sumerian News, the indispensability that "the Council of Ministers will study the decision well with specialists in order to avoid mistakes," warning of "emptying the government departments of competencies in the event of failure to regulate the decision thoughtfully."

As an employee in the Ministry of Education Hamid Ismail sees during his speech to the Sumerian News, that "the decision will serve the employees of lower grades and that he could get a license in order to get a second job in the private sector during this period."

Iraq has suffered from a severe economic crisis as a result of the global collapse of oil prices, the government was forced to take a series of measures "austerity" to ensure the stability of the financial situation in the country facing a war against al "Daesh" which cost the state budget huge amounts of money.