Trucking company financial profit through 2016

Wed, 07 Sep 2016 17:22:11

The General company for land transport, Ministry of transport, 863 million Iraqi dinars, an increase of 380% compared with last March.

The Transport Ministry said in a statement that "the Transport Minister Kazim Cup Erythema commended the efforts of the company and face book of thanks and appreciation to the Director General of land transportation company Abdul-Amir almhamdaoi for his efforts and through mounting proportion of revenue for August reached 863 million net profits compared with March before receiving a 380% escalation."

"The company has begun distributing monthly incentives for August of $ 187 million increase for $ 253%, the company has also started to distribute Eid bonus for four thousand employees and an employee."

** This was from yesterday evening just wanted to show the progress being made **