Iraq calls for Mitsubishi to enter the Japanese heavily in oil and gas projects

2016/9/8 11:21

[Where - Baghdad]

He called on the Minister of Oil, Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan / Middle East branch on strongly in the oil and gas projects in Iraq.

A statement by the Ministry of Oil received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "Oil Minister Jabbar Laibi received on Wednesday Director of the natural gas business in Mitsubishi / Middle East Yoshinobu Satomi company During the meeting, they discussed bilateral cooperation and the advancement of the oil and gas sector in the country."

He Laibi According to the statement, "The Oil Ministry is looking to strengthen and develop the relationship with the company [Mitsubishi], which cover a wide workspace in a number of governorates of Iraq through the oil projects for the advancement of the oil and gas sector, and move forward in the development of joint action will reflect positively on the oil industry in Iraq".

He said | the ministry's plans and projects that are promising in the coming period in the oil and gas sector, "calling for" Mitsubishi to enter strongly in those projects and participate in, "noting that" the ministry will enter a new era of labor at all levels, leading to the advancement of the oil and gas sector. " .

For his part, congratulated the director of the natural gas business at Mitsubishi / Middle East company Yoshinobu Satomi receipt Laibi his new post as oil minister and wished him success in the ministry management and development of the oil sector in the country, stressing that his company is seeking to develop work with the Ministry of Oil and move towards new business horizons through next period".