Interior inspector: 154 cases of corruption in the ministry departments during August

2016/9/8 11:55

[Where - Baghdad]

Inspection Directorate of Baghdad, said one of the directorates of the Office of Inspector General of the Interior Ministry, on Thursday, discovering Mlakatha for [154] the case of administrative corruption and Mali in the ministry departments working in Baghdad during the month of August of this year.

According to the directorate said in a statement that "the inspection report of Baghdad Directorate for August 2016 showed that the cadres of the Directorate managed to implement 200 activities inquisitorial was the outcome for 165 inspection tour and two visits and 33 of the Committee on auditing, managed through Angels Inspectorate of the discovery of 149 administrative corruption and 5 cases of financial corruption. "

The report pointed out that "cases of administrative corruption undiscovered distributed among the 19 cases the exploitation of functional and 7 cases of abuse of power and 23 cases of fraud and 100 cases of neglect, while these cases are distributed financial corruption discovered between the three cases of bribery and two waste of public money."

The statement noted that "inspection Baghdad Directorate within the responsibilities of work performance and inspection of the Interior Ministry and working in the capital, Baghdad circles monitor exclusively with falls under the responsibility of the provincial inspection directorate with offices across the provinces and the performance of inspection control departments of the Ministry in the other provinces."