The new minister of war to Daesh .. sniper trained by the United States

Twilight News / British newspaper The Independent revealed that al Daesh appointed a new commander of the Ministry of War successor to Abu Omar al-Chechen who was killed in a US raid, noting that the new leader of the Ministry of Tajik war, had previously received training within the power of the Tajik police in the United States of America.
According to the newspaper, the Julmrod Kalimov, who was appointed by the organization and the minister of war, has previously was head of a special police force in Tajikistan and at the age of 41 years, and recently appeared in a propaganda tape regulation, vowing the attacks in Russia and the United States and Tajikistan. New Tajik who was appointed as minister of war, was elected from within the ranks of the organization, which is the first time that the organization resorts to choose their leaders in the election, following the assassination of Abu Omar al-Chechen in a US raid. Kalimov who was police chief in Tajikistan, is believed to be split and joined the organization in 2015, where he disappeared from his job and did not know him before the impact that the tape shows a propaganda organization. The United States has allocated $ 3 million reward for information leading to the arrest of Kalimov. The Chechens, Tajiks and, later, of the most powerful multinational existing regulation, given the ferocity in the fighting, which prompted the organization to give them leadership positions inside the top of its organizational structure. Organizing "state", which has lost nearly two-thirds of the territory seized by Iraq in 2014 and more than 30% of the territory seized by the in Syria, live in a state of retreat after the war waged by the "international coalition", and then enter Turkey Line. Ankara, for its part, announced Wednesday, is ready to participate with the United States to liberalize the Syrian city of Rakka from the grip of the organization, which is the largest city, which is still controlled by the organization in Syria and is the capital of the organization. In Iraq, the Iraqi forces and Kurdish Peshmerga forces, along with US forces and the international airline alliance, has reduced the presence of the organization in the city of Mosul after they succeeded in recovering dozens of villages in the south and north of the city.