Foreign Arabia: not nearly the ambassador to Iraq and killed alleged Daesh

Twilight News / Foreign Saudi Arabia denied the report of a British newspaper about the reason for the request of Iraq from Saudi Arabia switch its ambassador in Baghdad, Thamir Sabhan, which claimed that the Iraqi request was linked to the killing of an armed organization within Daesh die nearly ambassador.
According to the Saudi Press Agency, quoting an official at the Foreign Ministry source was not identified as saying he was "no truth to the news published by the British newspaper The Independent that the Iraqi Foreign Ministry demanded the withdrawal of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques ambassador to Iraq Thamer Sabhan for refusing to condemn a person named Abdul Salam Sabhan newspaper claimed that Ambassador cousin died while fighting with al Daesh terrorist. " Source Agency explained that there is no relative of the ambassador Sabhan spokesman Thamer Abdul Salam Sabhan, and that the man did not belong to the family of the ambassador. He called the official source of the media as the "accuracy and demonstrate professionalism in the transfer of news , " according to the agency.
The British newspaper had claimed that Sabhan was killed in fighting near Mosul, and that the Iraqi authorities had asked the ambassador guilty, without giving sources Brha. Sabhan responded in turn through the official Twitter account the location of the newspaper, demanding an apology over the assertion that there was no cousin of that name and fight to deny any member of his family with extremist organizations around the world. It is noteworthy that Baghdad had previously referred to the statements and positions of Sabhan deemed in violation of diplomatic norms and represent an interference in the internal would not touch on the newspaper reported in its report.