6 Descriptions of Doaash in a song to Kazem El Saher

Twilight News / if the crises and wars have torn Iraq's sectarian and politically, although the plant extremism disappeared behind debris and flames and gunpowder, nothing is heal the wounds of the Iraqi bleeding in the homeland and the Diaspora only voice Saher, who withstood sticks of the categories in a country where people are dying as identity, in terms of what that prays Kazem Bmwalh only melt that agenda between the echo of "decision" and "answer", Iraqis across his throat and back to civilization, "Sumer" and "Babel" The nostalgic palm again for Artoa water from the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.
Kazem El Saher in his masterpiece "Come accept your face," which warble the year (2007) at a party memorable Cairo was read history today, but from the witness melting and Agmadh his eyes and his performance epic feel that Kadhim in the special case looks to the future, which lists descriptions of extremist militias destroy crops and cattle, they are blatant:
Hate love
Hate life
Hate roses
They hate women
Hate the light
Hate peace

Though the text describes the suffering of Baghdad, there is a sense that he feels the suffering generally reported, a native of "Mosul" will sleep in the barrel of a gun and living under the dark looking for those who edited the day and takes her by the hand to light. The suffering that is now in both Baghdad and Basra does not mitigate the brunt only voice Saher, it is a haven of Iraqis who are not occupied by one, an interface for Iraq tolerant when he opened his eyes for the first time on a Sunni father Ikvkv tear fell on the cheek of the Shiite mother.
Mohammad Jarrah