Vice Yazidi: 3000 Yazidi woman being held by Daesh and thousands of us unaccounted for

Special - balances News
MP for the Yazidis Haji Condor, on Thursday, revealed that 2,000 women and children were freed from the grip of Daesh terrorist gangs, and there are still large numbers in the grip of the terrorist organization, especially in the area of ​​the Syrian tenderness. The Condor's / balances News /, that "more than five thousand women and children who were prisoners of the terrorist organization were freed nearly two thousand women, and there are still large numbers in the grip of Daesh gangs, especially in the tenderness of the Syrian area, as well as in Mosul and Tal Afar." He candor that "400,000 citizens were displaced from Sinjar to the Kurdistan region and neighboring countries, including Turkey, Syria, and then were displaced more than 80,000 Yazidi to European and American countries," adding that "there are more than four thousand immigrants Yazidi stranded on the Greek border and European countries do not allow them to enter its territory, but does not have any possibility for them to return to their home areas. " He said the "women who were freed in Fallujah are only three and assets in the Kurdistan region with their loved ones, and there are more than 3,000 victims were killed at the hands of the terrorist organization Daesh, thirty mass grave were not disclosed." He called Gokh of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government to "detect the remaining mass graves and the delivery of welfare to their families for burial in their own way," explaining that "returning to Sinjar after its liberation small proportion of the number of Yazidis who dwell region and are up to twenty thousand people from 400 000 citizens are the inhabitants of the Sinjar area, and the reasons for the return of displaced persons is the presence of the terrorist organization close to hand Sinjar, the terrorist organization is still bombarding those areas so that chemical substances and claimed many victims of the bombing. " And saw a hand in the province of Nineveh, Sinjar scathing attack of the terrorist organization Daesh, who took the women and children in the region as slaves were sold in the slave market, which some saw the terrorist organization in the region returned to the pre-Alasalam.anthy From: Flaih slain