Parliamentary Services: Ownership Act farmland is in the interest of the government and the citizen

Special - balances News
Confirmed by the Commission services in Parliament MP hope Merhi, Thursday, that the conversion of farm land to residential and Tmena citizen law came for the benefit of the people and the land owners and the state at the same time. She Merhi's / balances News /, that "the ownership of agricultural land, exploited by citizens in Baghdad and the provinces read the second reading of the law and is now in the process of discussion in order to vote on it in the coming sessions." She Marei that "the law does not change the sex of farmland, much as it is the completion of the territories occupied citizens, an agricultural basically to be converted to residential and this law is in the interest of the citizen," indicating that "the law was broken and without the existence of any differences it, as when we read the articles of the law we found it in the interest of the citizen does not know why he did not vote on it during the last period of sessions of the parliament. " Espana Marei that "the law is equal to everyone in Baghdad and the provinces, and when the state is working to extinguish the municipal rights of Lands must enact a law enough state these expenses and give the right of the citizen, this law, and all came from the owned farmland right to dispose Bhze of Arlaad owned in making housing and the rest is up to the state. " According to Mari that "the law avoids state payments and provide the possibility of acquisition of land, without costing any amount and everyone is a beneficiary of the citizen and the landowners and the state," asserting that "interest will be channeled for the benefit of everyone for equality between citizens and finding adequate housing for every citizen in Iraq without suffering the problems of the housing crisis. " Iraq has suffered from the crisis, a large housing as a result of slower measures to provide adequate housing for every citizen, as the Constitution passed by Alaraca.anthy
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