Legal representative: Talk about amnesty "posturing" and political "interference" on public opinion

Special - balances News
Parliamentary legal committee member Salim Chawki, Thursday, to talk about the amnesty law and he comes out terrorists and kidnappers fall in paragraph political Altoshih auctions and public opinion. Said Shawki's / balances News / "The law was drafted drafting court", adding that "the article on the paragraph kidnapping, saying that the kidnapping that lead to permanent disability or loss of the fate of the kidnapped, would not include amnesty, even if there was a waiver." . He said Shawki that "if the kidnapped are in good health condition where the crime is mostly personal right, and if it is found reconciliation and compromise the right person, includes those amnesty." He said the "Article IX of the amnesty law in dispute, where the re-investigation or prosecution did not mention, but pointed to audit procedures by the judiciary," pointing out that "this is the duty of the judiciary, both said the law it or did not mention the consideration of the convicts issues, and thus to eliminate the authority of discretionary retrial or not. " "The law did not impose anything on the judiciary did not give commitments, but said the law on auditing procedures in the trial, and if there is a bug found by the court can Taaad its discretion to the trial." According to Shawki that "the subject of embezzlement and theft of state funds, these are not covered by an amnesty, but one case is included and traced the stolen money and the state desperately needs to be to return that money." The House of Representatives has initiated the amnesty law late last month, a majority of members of the House of Representatives, but few of them abstained from the vote and came out of Alcilh.anthy From: Flaih slain