Change warns of an explosion because of the situation in Kurdistan Barzani policy

Baghdad balances News
MP warned about the mass change Hoshyar Abdullah, on Thursday, of the imminent explosion of the situation within the Kurdish community due to the worsening financial crisis as a result of the policies of the region's president, Massoud Barzani and Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. Abdullah said in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, that "starvation policy of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, headed by Barzani against the Kurdish community is an attempt to subdue all the Kurdish street and the Kurdish parties to personal and family policies narrow, it is unfortunate that the trends Abadi in harmony with these policies, the recent agreement between him and the Democratic party on the Kirkuk oil the biggest proof of that. " He explained Abdullah, said that "the Kurdish community has been suffering since 2014 until the day of the non-payment of salaries due to a dispute over oil revenues between Erbil and Baghdad, the Democratic Party is in control of these imports, which controls the oil policies fully, the federal government headed by al-Abadi, rather than trying to correct this track and deal with the plight of the Kurdish people's humanity and patriotism we find Mr. Abadi to deal with this issue through the partisan divisions within his own party and confined his dealings with a particular party and not with all the political parties in the region. " He added that "the people of Kurdistan is no longer able to bear more of the consequences of the lack of salaries and the continued theft of oil revenues, in addition to Almtarkh policy of Abadi with the people of Kurdistan and the handling of the narrow horizon with a particular party without the cares of the presence or absence of transparency or equitable distribution of oil revenues ". "We are facing a new academic year and the educational process at risk, health institutions also threatened to stop working, and there is migration of academics and owners of experiences and competencies in Kurdistan, it has extended the strikes to hit the security forces, and the benevolent parties to intervene rapidly to end this crisis, especially as the wrath of explosion street Kurdistan could lead to a situation out of control, it is not ruled out that the spark to move the rest of the provinces of Iraq, which has suffered the scourge of rampant corruption in the joints of the state. " "The time has come to put an end to control oil revenues through a commitment to the law of 2016 budget and dealing with the problem of the region salaries as affecting national security." And between that "it is shameful to Abadi, yet only only through television to accuse a specific destination in Kurdistan as the reason for the lack of agreement on resolving outstanding issues between the province and the center problems, but behind the scenes is consistent with the same side on the Kirkuk oil without asking himself you going this proceeds to the employees' salaries or into the pockets of family and personal partisan figures. " He pointed out that "Abadi deal with the salaries of employees of provincial problem is not treated as a statesman and a person fair with his people, at a time when Barzani's party accuses the lack of transparency in dealing with the oil file holds agreements with the same party," adding, "We are with the commitment to the agreements, but must serve the interests of both parties and the benefit of the people of Kurdistan, who have suffered what they suffered from the non-payment of salaries, ".anthy 29 / d 24