President of Brazil is exposed to ridicule in his first appearance on the occasion of an official

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He ridiculed the protesters from the new President of Brazil Michel Tamer, when he participated in the presentation was held in Brasilia on the occasion of Independence celebrations and the opening of the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro festival and are the first two occasions official involved in them since taking office on August 31. The protestors in the events in nearly 12 other states across Brazil shouting "Go, Tamer" and "usurper." Police estimated the number of protesters in Brasilia who had gathered in the capital, about 600 people, a relatively small number compared to the protests by millions of involving in some cases during the last two years of the rule of President Dilma Rousseff isolated. Despite the early demonstrations, the markets gave Tamer and his team of economic confidence at the moment. The main stock index rose 3 percent, almost isolated since Rousseff. It is expected that the team Tamer oversees the recovery of Brazil's economy, which stalled in the worst recession in 80 years but economists do not expect any strong shift during the 12 months Kadmh.anthy 29 / A 43